Geoff has a gift for capturing the tone and spirit of a scene.  Whether uplifting and inspiring or mysterious and foreboding, he crafts music and sounds that bring the heart of a scene to life.  He is so versatile and creative; he uses every instrument and sound in his arsenal to develop a sonic mood that moves viewers consciously and subconsciously without distracting from the scene.  HIs music is so integral to the film that it truly is a character supporting everything happening on screen.

As a Supervising Producer, I have worked with Geoff on numerous shows for the cable network series, ‘Final Report’ (NatGeo), ‘American Justice,’ (A&E), ‘Mobsters,’ (BIO),  and ‘Biography’ (BIO).  His scores are consistently excellent and creative – absolutely first-rate!  And Geoff is a pleasure to work with, always professional and never misses a deadline.  I would gladly work with Geoff on any project in the future and can only sing his praises!

Geoff is a superior musical talent and an utmost professional who I enjoyed working with on projects for networks including A&E, Animal Planet and National Geographic. Geoff’s work always brings a uniqueness to my projects that accentuates the action and emotion in all the right places.

Geoff is an extremely versatile and insightful composer.  He can transparently shift between musical styles: classical to ethnic to techno to cinematic, creating rich music that resonates within the style and impacts the audience.  His intricate arrangements and orchestrations support memorable melodies that bring the emotional core of a story to life.  Geoff rocks!

Geoff is an insightful and creative musician whose compositions add depth and meaning to the projects he scores.  He’s a real pleasure to collaborate with.

l like working with Geoff because he is open to input from producers. He really listens to what’s going on in the show. His music is distinctive, yet not overpowering.

Geoff is very good at taking and implementing suggestions from producers. In areas of the show where I have no preconceived ideas for the music, he always comes through with very poignant and appropriate music.

I enjoyed your music as used in the series ‘Foot Soldier.’ The music conveyed the sense of an army on the march. I especially enjoyed the Civil War music on the electronic keyboard. I would be interested to buy a CD or audio cassette of these tunes if released separately.

Viewer, North Dakota

Geoff Koch is an accomplished musician whose artistic abilities have brought an exciting, new dimension to our films. His orchestrations and arrangements are exquisitely composed and always compliment the tone of our work.

Yeah … he just gets it.