Antique Clock Virtual Instrument

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 In preparation for scoring the upcoming film/TV-series “The Record Keeper” I decided to create a virtual electronic instrument based on an antique French clock.  This clock was built ca. late 1800’s and most likely came from the region near the French border with Germany and Switzerland. By sampling the clock’s various chimes, ticks and [...]

Counter Measure

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Counter Measure is a short film directed by Jason Satterlund, scored by Geoff Koch.  Two men, locked in a mysterious house, fight for the hand of one woman. Why, is better seen than explained. MUSIC REQUEST:  I was given nearly carte blanche discretion as to how I wished to score this film!  So I combined orchestral elements [...]

One Click Away

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An awareness film on the dangers of pornography, particularly as it relates to children.  For Josh McDowell Ministries. MUSIC REQUEST:  For the first part, the score needed to be seductive, yet sinister.  For the second half that dealt with facts and statistics, it needed to be modern and gritty, but with twisted elements. Watch [...]

Lamps of Atlantis

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Having completed the score for this full-dome planetarium show in 2011, Lamps of Atlantis is now in syndication to planetariums around the world. The show explores the search for the lost continent of Atlantis, taking viewers on a journey through the astronomical knowledge and understanding of the ancient Greeks. How did the constellations get [...]

Working with Seay

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 I had the pleasure of working with singer/artist Seay on her upcoming album, “In The Garden”.  For her song “Oceanus” I arranged and performed new percussion, synthesizer and string tracks to compliment her signature vocal sound.  Be sure to check out her website and buy her albums! Listen to a clip of “Oceanus” here: [...]