KMP Also Produces Voiceovers!

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Koch Music Productions is also fully capable of handling your voiceover production needs.  From recording to mixing to mastering, KMP has you covered.  The following voiceover demo features the voice talents of Kaci Bolls  

Geoff Koch wins 2015 “Curtain Call Award”

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Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee honored alumnus Geoff Koch with the prestigious 2015 “Curtain Call Award“. The Award is presented annually to a School of Music alumnus in honor of achievement in the field of commercial and popular music. After receiving the Award, Koch gave an hour-long presentation, followed by a short concert featuring [...]

“Coming Back to the Hoop” Wins & Screenings

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All of the original music for the feature documentary “Coming Back to the Hoop” was written and/or produced by KMP. “Hoop” won the “Audience Award” in the 2014 Alexandria Film Festival, and “Best Foreign Documentary” in the 2014 International Sports Movie and TV Festival in Samara, Russia. [...]

Grossology and You – World Premiere November 22

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 Grossology and You is a fulldome planetarium show that helps kids learn about the human body through “gross” things like poop, snot and burps.  The 25-minute show and exhibits premieres November 22nd, 2014 at the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. MUSIC REQUEST:  This unique kids’ show needed music that [...]

“Coming Back to the Hoop” premieres Nov. 9 – Alexandria Film Festival

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 Coming Back To The Hoop is a feature documentary about the transformative power of basketball in the lives of senior women.  The film makes its world premiere in the Alexandria Film Festival, November 9, 2014. MUSIC REQUEST:  This film had perhaps the most diverse musical needs ever tackled at KMP.  It required both producing and [...]

“The Record Keeper” World Premiere in London

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 The feature film “The Record Keeper” was scored by Geoff Koch and had its world premiere September 26, 2014 in the Raindance Film Festival in London.  The film was named as one of the top 20 films to see at the Festival and was met with excellent critical review… “If the words ‘biblical’, ‘steampunk’ and ‘fantasy’ don’t interest you, you [...]

The Record Keeper – Special Public Screening

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“The Record Keeper” had its first public screening to an enthusiastic audience of hundreds — many of whom drove hours to see it — in July in Portland, Oregon. Composer, Geoff Koch, (second from right) answering audience questions with the cast and crew after the screening.

Country Music Hall of Fame Music

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The Country Music Hall of Fame in downtown Nashville, Tennessee officially opens its new 210,000-foot expansion April 15, 2014, which features a new “Recording Studio” and “Mashup Station” exhibit.  All the music for this new exhibit was produced by KMP.  Stop by the new exhibit and have some fun recording, then mashing up your performance with [...]

New Music for Firestone National Convention 2014

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 KMP was tasked to create a new piece of music for each day of Firestone’s National 2014 Convention.  The musical request was to combine elements of hip hop with marching band and drum corps.  Hear a clip of the Day 1 Opening track…   [...]

The Record Keeper

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Much of 2013 was spent creating the original score for the upcoming 11-part TV/web series, The Record Keeper.  The release date has yet to be announced, but check The Record Keeper’s Facebook page and the “fan support page” for news and updates.